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As per Alawwal on going effort to present the best services to our customers, we would like to ask all our clients to update their mobile number in order to serve you better and provide you with the best and up to date services provided by the bank. 

Updating your mobile number will allow you to get access to the services provided to you by the bank, starting with receiving SMS alerts to accessing our toll-free phone service and online banking.

Please note that not updating your mobile number will prevent you from benefiting from the above mentioned services. Please fill in the attached form and visit the nearest branch to do the necessary updates, You can also update your mobile through Alawwal ATMs. As we are always commited to provide the best levels of service that meet your banking needs. 

Please update your mobile number on any ATM machine. Alternatively, you can fill out the form and submit to the nearest Alawwal branch.

Fill Out The Form

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