Personal Finance

Enjoy fast and easy Shariah-compliant financing to fund and enhance your lifestyle.

Personal Finance

No matter what your goals are, from managing school fees or buying a new car to investing your money, we’ll help you get there with Alawwal Personal Finance.

Key features:

  • Shariah-compliant financing
  • Quick turnaround time
  • A top up facility is available after repayment of 20% of your existing finance
  • Possibility to apply for a second separate finance
  • Financing of up to SR 1,500,000
  • A repayment period of up to 5 years
  • Exemption from remaining repayments in case of death
  • Possibility of loan transfer

Eligibility and Documents


Public/Semi-public/Military Sector

Private Sector


Minimum Salary
SR 5,000
SR 8,000
SR 5,000
Minimum length of service
Upon hiring
3 MonthsUpon retirement
18 to 60
21 to 60
35 to 70


Public/Semi-public/Military Sector

Private Sector

Minimum Salary
SR 6,000
SR 6,000
Minimum length of service
3 Months
3 Months
21 to 60
25 to 60

Documents you’ll need to supply:

  • Your completed application form
  • A copy of your ID/Iqama (and a copy of passport for expatriates)
  • A letter from your employer
  • Your salary transfer form
Propoerty Market Value
Fixed or Variable Rate
Maturity in Years
Payment Type
Monthly Repayment Amount*
Early Payment Charges
5 Years
Principal and Interest / Profit
Profit of future 3 installments

*APR & Monthly repayment amount may differ depending on the amount and the maturity period and the prevailing bank rate

Frequently Asked Questions

Personal Finance Calculator

“I’m planning to get a personal finance.”

Please answer a few questions via our form and click “calculate” to view your personal offer.

Non Saudi

Terms and Conditions apply. Annual Percentage Rate (APR) starts from 3.79%. One-time management fee is 1% or SR 5,000 whichever is lower*. All fees & service charges are available on our website and in our branches. The products advertised in this marketing material are not suitable for customers below 18 years old.

*5% VAT Applicable.

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