Ibda Branch

Open an account and get a credit card in 10 minutes while enjoying your coffee

Ibda Branch

Experience a faster and more convenient banking in a fun and relaxed environment, 7 days a week at your favorite time.  Located in Riyadh’s popular Al Nakheel Mall, our “Ibda” branch offers an amazing and unique experience where you can fulfill, transact and discover while having your coffee. Here is what you can do at the branch:


Make Alawwal your bank on the spot, all while sipping your favorite coffee.

  • Open a current account and get your ATM card instantly
  • Sign up for an Alfursan credit card and get it instantly


Learn about Alawwal’s full range of innovative products and services.

  • Find out how much personal finance you can get and apply on the spot
  • Choose the perfect credit card for your needs and apply instantly
  • Check out where you can redeem our Tedallal rewards vouchers at your favorite shops around the mall


Conduct your everyday banking in a snap on cutting-edge ITMs (Integrated Teller Machines) and ATMs.

  • Virtually connect with a service agent (via camera and voice) to instantly:

    - Withdraw cash up to SR 50,000
    - Cash Alawwal cheques
    - Deposit Alawwal cheques into your account
    - Deposit up to 100,000SR
  • Carry out all standard ATM services
  • Instant reissuance of ATM card

Visit Ibda today to experience the future of banking.

Branch timings:
Saturday - Thursday: 9:30 am to 11:00 pm
Friday: 4:00 pm to 11:00 pm


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