Alawwal Token

Lock in the highest standards of digital security for your accounts.

Alawwal Token

Securing your account is key to us, so we’ve introduced the Alawwal Token system as an advanced security measure. This offers you a safer way to enjoy Alawwal Online and Alawwal phone banking.

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Is Alawwal Token available for all customers?

- Yes, Alawwal Token is available to anyone.

What smartphones are compatible with Alawwal Token?

- Alawwal Token works on iPhone and Android devices.

Are there any prerequisites to a Alawwal Token registration?

- You just need to be registered for Alawwal Online and have a smartphone.

How much does it cost to register for Alawwal Token?

- The application itself is free but there’s a registration fee of SR 10.

How long does it take to have Alawwal Token activated?

- It takes 24 hours to be fully activated on your smartphone. You’ll receive SMS messages confirming the registration and activation of the service.

Can I install Alawwal Token on more than one device in the same time?

- No, for security purposes Alawwal Token can only be installed on one device at a time. However, you can reactivate it on another device and that will automatically disable it on the first one. 

What happens when I change my mobile device?

- You can reactivate Alawwal Token on your new device. That will automatically disable the Alawwal Token app on the old one.

How can I reactivate Alawwal Token on another/new mobile?

- Log into Alawwal Online and follow the steps on the Alawwal Token menu.

How much does it cost to reactivate the Alawwal Token on a new device?

- There’s no cost for reactivating Alawwal Token on a new device.

What should I do if the code I’m getting from my Alawwal Token is not working?

- If your Alawwal Token code isn’t working, just login to Alawwal Online and select Alawwal Token Synchronization from the Alawwal Token menu.

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