Buying on Installments

Buy now, pay later. Spread payments for your credit card purchases over a period up to 60 months at a percentage rate of 1%

Buying on Installments

Now, when you use your credit card for purchases of SR 1,000 and above, you can simply pay them in equal installments* over 3, 6, 12, and up to 60 months at a percentage rate of 1% per month at all merchants.

Key features

  • Use up to 90% of the credit card limit in installments**
  • Valid for all purchases including cash withdrawals
  • Valid for credit cards only (not applicable for charge or corporate cards, for which the full outstanding amount is payable every month)
  • Approved by Shariah Board for Shariah Compliant Credit cards

* Annual Percentage Rate is 12%
** Maximum of 7 active installments at a time

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