What is IBAN?

With IBAN, every customer now has an international account number, helping to reduce transfer errors.

Alawwal bank SWIFT Code: AAALSARI

SWIFT code is a fixed identification code for the bank, which is used for international transfers.

The IBAN is your account number for all money transfers.

The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) has been introduced to standardize the identification of bank accounts across all banks. With IBAN, every customer now has an international account number, helping to reduce transfer errors.

Important notes about IBAN

  • The IBAN is not a new account number.
  • Your existing account numbers will not be changed.
  • IBAN is partially made up of your account number.

Receiving Payments

You should provide your IBAN to any government agencies, companies or individuals, within and outside Saudi Arabia, who need to send electronic payments to your bank account, including:

  • Trading partners
  • Individuals

Sending Payments

To make a payment, customers will need to provide an IBAN in the same way they used to provide a beneficiary's account number. You should simply ask the beneficiary to provide you with his/her account number in IBAN format.

Description of the IBAN

An IBAN consists of additional characters placed in front of your existing bank account number. The format of these additional characters is:

  • ‘Country Code’ of the country in which the IBAN was issued.
  • ‘Check Digits’ used to perform the validation of the IBAN.
  • ‘Bank Clearing Code’ identifies the bank where the account is maintained.
  • ‘Basic Account Number’ is your existing bank account number preceded by zeros, if necessary, to achieve the required fixed length for the account number.

For IBAN Validation, please visit the SAMA website at www.sama.gov.sa*.

*Please note the use of the IBAN checker does not guarantee that the account number is correct, nor does it guarantee that the account actually exists or is live. It checks that the characters/numbers have not been accidentally transposed.

IBAN Calculator

“I want to find my account’s IBAN number.”

Please note that this calculator can be used for Alawwal Bank accounts only.

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