Up to 15% savings or free credit with Alawwal Visa credit card

Use Alawwal Visa credit card to enjoy up to 15% savings or free credit on a range of exciting adventures.

Use Alawwal Visa Credit Card to enjoy up to 15% off on iFly, Ski Dubai, Little Explorers and free credit at Magic Planet and Yalla Bowling when you top up with Alawwal Visa Credit Card:

  • The offer is valid in the following countries:

        1. UAE: iFLY, Little Explorers, Yalla Bowling, Ski Dubai and Magic Planet

        2. Egypt: Ski Egypt and Magic Planet

        3. Kuwait: Yalla Bowling and Magic Planet

        4. Oman: Magic Planet

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You can apply for a credit card using links below, or by calling us at 800 124 2525


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