SWIFT Services

Highly secure and low-cost financial transactions

SWIFT Services

SWIFT security-enhanced messaging platform enables to execute real time financial transactions with Low-Cost.

Key features:

  • Ease-of-integration through a one SWIFT Standard connection.
  • Real-Time faster payment process
  • We support standardized message (FIN) for suppliers payment (MT101), End of day Statement  (MT940) and Interim Statement (MT942)
  • We support customized message (Fileact) for bulk payments such as Suppliers Payment, SADAD, MOI and Payroll (WPS).
  • Specialized and Dedicated support team

Agreements and Form:

Call one of our regional offices 
and we'd be happy to help you.
Central Region – Riyadh

Central Region – Riyadh

Phone: +966 (0)11 4010288 Ext.: 1408
Western Region – Jeddah

Western Region – Jeddah

Phone: +966 (0)12 6159000 Ext.: 2544/2494

Eastern Region – AlKhobar

Eastern Region – AlKhobar

Phone: +966 (0)13 8946878 Ext.: 3322/3321

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