Escrow Account for Real Estate Developers

Our account complies with the regulation and provides real estate developers peace of mind.

Escrow Account for Real Estate Developers

According to regulations for the sale of off-plan real estate units, developers must appoint a trustee to manage the escrow account. Alawwal can provide this service for real estate developers, regardless of the size, sophistication or type of project—be it the development of new land, offices, villas, or apartments.

Key Features:

  • Service available for projects in all cities within the Kingdom.
  • Escrow account cash inflow and outflow management.
  • Customized reports.
  • Reports prepared and supplied directly to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
  • Comprehensive dashboard for monitoring / tracking account transactions.

Agreements and Form:

Agreement For Providing Account Trustee Service For Sale of Real Estate Units on Map Constructional Payment Order for Real Estate Escrow Account License Request Form - Sale of Real Estate Units on Map
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Central Region – Riyadh

Central Region – Riyadh

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Western Region – Jeddah

Western Region – Jeddah

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Eastern Region – AlKhobar

Eastern Region – AlKhobar

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