E-Payment Gateway

Expand your customers’ base by enabling online payment for credit cards.

E-Payment Gateway

Expand your customer base by offering online credit card payments.

Our E-Payment Gateway enables you to offer credit card payments for your customers through your website. The service is simple, provides a high security level, and has many value added services to suite the type and size of your business.

Key Features:

  • Simple process for obtaining and integrating the service
  • Successful online transactions are credited into the merchant’s account the next business day
  • 3D Secure service, which adds an additional security layer for the electronic payment process
  • Support for Visa and MasterCard credit cards

Payment methods include:

  • Direct Payment, Authorization and blocking of amounts
  • Tokenization for frequent use by cardholders
  • Mail Orders / Telephone Orders (MOTO)
  • Bulk payments
  • Automated recurring payments

Agreements and Form:

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Central Region – Riyadh

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Western Region – Jeddah

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