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Alawwal Corporate Online

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Account Services:

  • Real time account balance
  • View and download statements in multiple formats (PDF, CSV & MT940).
  • Other bank account statement
  • POS Statement
  • Account facilities
  • Cheque Book Issuance
  • Rawateb Card Issuance
  • Rawateb account Maintenance
  • Alert Maintenance

Payment Services:

  • Transfer between own accounts (24/7)
  • Transfers to third party Alawwal accounts (24/7)
  • Transfers to local bank beneficiaries (SARIE)
  • Transfers to International bank beneficiaries (SWIFT)
  • Make one-off and recurring SADAD bill payments (24/7)
  • MOI Payment and Refund
  • ARAMCO credit and cash payments
  • Payroll (WPS) payments
  • Time Deposits (Murabaha)
  • Bank Draft
  • Standing order instructions (all payment types)

Bulk Payment Services:

  • Upload WPS (payroll) files and download Labor office files
  • Upload files for bulk transactions to third party beneficiaries (SARIE, SWIFT & within Alawwal)
  • Upload SADAD Bulk Payments
  • Upload MOI Bulk Payments
  • Upload files to register third party beneficiaries (SARIE, SWIFT & within Alawwal)
  • Upload files to register SADAD recurring bills
  • Upload files for RAWATEB card issuance and maintenance
  • Upload files for RAWATEB account maintenance

Global Trade Services:

  • Letter of Guarantee.
  • Letter of Guarantee (received).
  • Special exchange rates.
  • Import Letter of Credit.
  • Export Letter of Credit.
  • Standby Letter of Credit.
  • Standby Letter of Credit (received).
  • Shipping Guarantee.
  • Import Collection.
  • Export Collection.

Key features:

  • Full-suite of customizable solution and services that cater your business needs
  • Completely secured and works on pre-defined authorization matrix
  • Straight Through Processing (STP) of transactions
  • Single access to all your banking accounts
  •  Notifications to your beneficiaries upon successful transactions
  • Audit trials for administrative and transactional activities

Agreements and Form:

Alawwal Corporate Online-Agreement Alawwal Corporate Online-Client Profile Form Alawwal Corporate Online - User Profile Form Alawwal Corporate Online - Adding Account Form Alawwal Corporate Online-Update Mobile Number Form Alawwal Corporate Online - User Declaration - Token


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